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Arlington, VA Short Sales

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The Washington, D.C. metro area has it all: impressive suburbs for families, urban living for young professionals, and luxurious areas like Georgetown and Kalorama that appeal to seasoned politicians, business owners and corporate executives alike. And the historic Arlington, just seven miles across the Potomac, is equally desirable, with its excellent school system, plethora of recreational outlets, sporting events, restaurants and cultural activities. The 26-square mile Arlington is an ideal place to call home. But, not unlike many other appealing metropolises, a turbulent real estate market has been the catalyst for a great number of Arlington, VA short sales.

In a short sale scenario, the bank or mortgage company permits the borrower to sell a property for less than what is owed on it due to a borrower's financial hardship. The proceeds from the sale go to the bank or mortgage company. Generally, in this mutually agreed upon transaction, a short sale is more economically favorable (for both the lender and the borrower) than having a property go through the foreclosure process.

Many single family homes, rowhouses, townhomes and condominiums in Arlington, VA are on the market as short sales -- which are opportunities for eager buyers who want more house than they may be able to afford in normal market conditions.

Real Estate Expert in Arlington, VA Short Sales

Whether you're seeking to explore a short sale scenario as a buyer, or you need to sell your home using this method, you will need a real estate expert adept at effectively handling Arlington, VA short sales. Taylor Fox is ready to assist you. Taylor is the Principal Broker and Owner of Fox Real Estate, LLC, a company with unmatched expertise in Arlington area real estate.

With a professional yet friendly small business approach, Taylor ensures his clients feel comfortable about their real estate decisions. And his multi-faceted real estate background as a licensed appraiser, Class C licensed contractor, and mortgage broker will prove beneficial as he successfully navigates a short sale for you, whether you are buying or selling Arlington, VA properties.